Full Spectrum Carnivorous Plant Terrarium in an Old TV

Introduction: Full Spectrum Carnivorous Plant Terrarium in an Old TV

This is a great use for all the old TV's we all have to get rid of daily. Depending on your local recycling laws, it is getting more difficult to get rid of old technology, so why not try to re-purpose as much as possible?

We find old TV's really great sources for large PCB's and internal gizmos that are great for art projects and the remaining shells are light, durable, very well ventilated and level bottomed which makes them great for terrariums for plants or reptiles. Check out what we did with this old 1997 RCA TV!

Step 1: List of Needs

Any old plastic TV

Potting supplies for you individual plant choice. We are reproducing a bog type setting for our carnivorous plants and will be using clay pots and sphagnum moss.

Led Grow Light

Outlet-to-Socket Light Plug

Carnivorous Plants

Extension Cord

Tie Wraps

Basic hand tools

Basic Cutting tools

Safety Gloves and Goggles

Step 2: Completely Remove All the Insides of the TV

The shell is generally just a few screws to remove to expose the insides. You will find it more empty inside than you would expect for a large object. The weight is usually the old tube/screen combination and once removed you are left with only plastic.

Give it a good scrub with some hot soapy water.

Rinse well.

Let Dry.

Step 3: Size Your Pots

Work with empty pots and plan your plant layout. Remove all protruding plastic pieces inside the shell being careful to leave the parts that attaches the shell part together.

Step 4: Cut a Hole for Your Grow Light

A hole saw on a cordless drill makes easy work of this.

Make sure the hole is big enough to let all the light in, but still have a ridge to support the mounting of the light. THE LIGHT SITS ON TOP in order to give a bigger light spread and allow plants more room to grow.

Step 5: Zip Tie the Grow Light to the Vents on the TV

Step 6: Make Any Adjustments

See what you think about the layout and light spread. If your happy, the hard part is over...whew, that was easy right!?

Step 7: Soak the Moss

Place well soaked moss on the bottom of the drainage saucer and and fill with water

Step 8: Add Plants and Decoration

We found some pine branches, pinecones, and tree barks to add to our terrarium to reconstruct what a bog floor would look like in the wild.

Step 9: Plug It in and Enjoy

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