Introduction: Full Suspension Bike Rack From Scrap!

I don't know about everyone else, but I want a bike rack for my Mountain Bike. Ever looked for one? Non-existant if you have a full suspension bike. This just cannot do.

This is my first Instructable. Please refrain from flaming and let me know what you think. I wish i had more pictures, but the instructable was an after-the-fact idea

Step 1: Parts and Tools

-50 Cal Ammo Can
-Electrical Conduit (Check out your area, if there's a renovation going on, you can just swipe it from a dumpster)
-Metal Support scrap (I used the support for a shelf but you might use something else, even a piece of bent electrical conduit)
-Several bolts, nuts and a few washers

-Drill bits (dur)
-Wrench set

Step 2: Bend the Conduit

Your bike will likely have different sizing than mine. I guestimated with some visual angles and a sharpie. It's not rocket science, metal can bend a bit. The more precision the better, but it's not that crucial. A basic U going from the axle of your rear wheel up to an inch or two above it (maybe higher depending on where your brakes are) and back down to the other side of the axle.

Step 3: Flatten Connections on Conduit

Once it's bent, use a hammer and a firm surface (not a kitchen floor, I used a concrete sidewalk) to flatten the ends.

Step 4: Bore a Hole for the Axle

When you have the ends firmly flattened, Use the drill with the correct sized drill bit (mine was 3/8") to bore a hole for the axle.

Step 5: Make Your Front Support

Take the other piece of scrap and make your front support. I'm not going to go into much detail because the main U should take most of the weight.

Step 6: Test Fit

Test fit all of the supports, tighten them up so you can get the placement for the ammo can's holes

Step 7: Measure the Placement for the Ammo Can's Holes

Hold up your ammo can, measure it all via eyes or a ruler, I don't care. I guestimated and subtracted some so that it would be held in pretty tight. Was almost too tight. Had to use a hammer to get the bolts to go in at a few places but details, right?

Step 8: Drill the Holes in the Ammo Can

Make sure the bit doesnt dance around before it bites down. It really sucks to have to make a hole bigger than needed.

Step 9: Bolt It All Together

In my case, one side had a second bolt near the axle bolt. When tightened, the axle bolt would push the conduit into the tiny bolt and this tiny bastard bolt would drag the inside of the axle.

1. Big no no
2. irking grinding sound (didn't know it was happening >.<)
3. reduced efficiency

To remedy this, I grabbed 3 washers to space the conduit away from the frame and hence, the tiny bolt.

Other than that, just piece it all together and tighten it up.

If you'd like you can paint it. I'm going to but not yet, I need to get to an area where I can paint away from the apartment.

Step 10: Admire the Results

And then there was this.

This beauty, depending on how it's made, can hold quite a good deal. If you used flimsy scrap metal it might wobble but my conduit is pretty solid.

I hope this helps everyone as I have found that no commercial dealer makes a freakin full suspension bike rack. Quite annoying.

I also installed two Us so that a lock could be attatched.

Step 11: Follow Up: Painting

So i've decided to paint it. oh yes. Please comment on what you think.