Introduction: Full Auto Knex Uzi Instructable

Ok so after breaking apart my uzi and putting it back together I have made my first instructable! :D I hope you all like this concept of a knex gun. Credits to Louis XIV for the mech idea

Green rods- 22
Orange connectors- 7
Dark grey connectors- 4
White rods- 21
Yellow connectors-15
Blue star connectors- 4
Red rods- 1
Red connectors- 10
Blue rods- 10
Blue spacers- 2

(This piece count does NOT include pieces for the stock or ammo, please tell me if I have miscounted. Also if you have any questions on how to build it feel free to ask)

Step 1: Handle/Mag

Ok, so this step is the hardest and its not even that hard sorry for the blurry/bright pictures. Mag can hold 10 bullets, but you could mod it to make the size bigger

Step 2: Frame/Stock

For this step the stock and bolt are optional, there are 2 stocks i have for this gun.

Step 3: Rubber Bandz!

Step 4: Loading/Firing

To load you slide the bullets into the top of the mag. To fire you push on the mag pusher to make the bullets fly out of the gun, you can full auto fire by putting several bullets in the mag and firing them in succession. (The trigger is there to make it look better, not for firing. Sorry)