Introduction: Fully Automatic Minecraft Cannon!

About: I like to make small weapons for example a pencil crossbow, I also play minecraft. I will be putting up a lot of instructables on paracord, minecraft, metalworking projects, and small office weapons

This is my first instructable so don't hate. This contraption is fully automatic (drops TNT then explodes it in 1 push of a button

Step 1: Items You Will Need

- 20 of any block (I'm using stone)
- 16 redstone dust
- 4 dispensers
- 4 or more TNT (if you want to keep on launching use 36 stacks of TNT
- 1 button
- 1 bucket of water
- 2 dirt (optional)
- 1 shovel (optional)

Step 2: Dig Out a 5x5 Square

Sorry about the sucky pictures

Step 3: Place the 4 Dispensers

Lapis and stone used for distance counter

Step 4: Fill It In

Step 5: Place 2 Dirt on the Corners

Step 6: Make the Red Cross Symbol

Step 7: Remove the Dirt

Step 8: Put the TNT in the Dispensers

Step 9: Fill in Between the Dispensers

Step 10: Put Redstone As Shown

**Remember to crouch when you put the redstone on the dispenser

Step 11: Go Inside the Hole and Put a Button on a Side

If you are in survival then put down 1 dirt in order to get out. Once out break the block

Step 12: Put Water in the Middle of the Hole

Step 13: Jump in Then Push the Button to FLY!!!!

if you are in survival, you lose about 6 and a half hearts without armor

Step 14: You Can Shoot Mobs Out Too

**NOTE** Ocelots, squid, silverfish, endermen, wolves, bats, cave spiders, spiders, magma cubes, horses, and slimes do not work. You can try but will likely fail