Introduction: Fuming White Oak Treads With Rubio Monocoat

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In this Instructable, I'll show the short simple steps required to fume white oak (or any wood for that matter) with Rubio Monocoat Fumed. The results are stunning and give the wood some unique character unlike anything else I've seen with wood finish. With a low VOC, this makes one of my favourite finishes to apply to wood.

The video here was the first voiceover work that I've done however shows the process in addition to the documentation below.

Step 1: Prepare the Wood for Fuming

Whatever your wood selection is (this just happens to be White Oak) you'll want to sand it to your desired finish. For me, I sanded up to 220 and then wiped off the dust with a tack cloth.

Step 2: Fume the Wood

With the RMC Fumed product, you'll want to apply it with a lint-free cloth or even a foam brush covering the piece of wood evenly. Once the product is applied you need to let it dry completely which is recommended 12-48 hours. It will be dry to the touch within 30 minutes however you need to wait as the wood will react with the fumed product

Once dry, sand the surface lightly with a polisher equipped with a beige pad

Remove any dust with a tack cloth

Step 3: Applying Rubio Monocoat Oil 2C

For my particular application, I applied Rubio Monocoat White 5% Oil Plus 2C part A. This gives the wood an extra level of character. You'll mix Part A and Part B together as per the instructions on the bottle. Apply a little bit to a white scrub pad as shown in the picture and rub it into the wood. After 15 minutes rub off any excess.

Then wait 24-36 hours before using the surface.