Introduction: Fun Crafts for Kids : How to Make a Paper Elephant Crafts

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Hello friends! I am so excited to bring an awesome step by step tutorial on how to make a Paper Elephant Crafts! Isn't this cute little fellow a cool paper craft to make. Preschooler and kindergarten children can have a cool craft to learn from and also play with.

Preschool teachers can also use this paper elephant as a great and fun teaching aid and kids who love to make their very own personal handmade animal's collection can also add this fantastic looking paper Elephant to their collection.

Step 1: Material Required to Make the Paper Craft!

The basic material required to make this fabulous and simple paper elephant craft are:

Black and white Papers





Step 2: Draw Your Elephant.

Take a black paper and draw a rough sketch and outline of the elephant, with a white color pencil so that you can see the elephant's outline.

Cut the Elephant along this outline.

Step 3: Work on Your Craft!

You will get a double flapped elephant. Paste and join both these flaps with an adhesive excuding the feet of the elephant.

Step 4: Add the Details!

Take a black paper strip to make the huge ears, and and make the eyes and tusks of the elephant with white paper.

Step 5: Your Awesome Elephant Paper Craft

Your easy and fun paper Elephant is now ready! Such paper craft projects for kids include simple and challenge free crafts that are useful as teaching material for kid –friendly teaching regarding kindergartners and toddlers. Making such simple do it yourself crafts at home, parents can spend some quality time with their children and make such fun crafts to do at home.

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