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Introduction: Fun Duct Tape Barrel Bag

Make this fun coloured duct tape bag out of a roll or two of duct tape and a zipper, its even water resistant. You should be able to make two bags out of a single roll. You can also use two or three different colours or look out for patterned duct tape for the strap and edges.

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Step 1: What You Need

The bag is mainly made from duct tape but you'll need a few extra things to finish it off:

  • Duct Tape (1 Roll is Enough, 2 for Different Colours/Patterns)
  • Zipper 30cm / 12"
  • Sheet of Card (Back of a Writing Pad)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Ruler

Step 2: Make the End Pieces

Start off by tracing out the outside of your roll of duct tape onto your card. You'll need to fit two circles onto it, one for each end.

Cut the circles out using the scissors.

Stick a piece of duct tape onto one side of the first circle. The ends should overlap about 1cm / 1/3" over the edge of the card. Turn the circle over and cut about 5 - 8 slits into the duct tape right up to the edge of the card, then fold them over one by one to wrap neatly around the edge of the circle. This prevents the duct tape from crinkling along the edges.

Turn the circle over and repeat with 3 more strips of tape, one at a time, until the entire circle is covered on one side.

Repeat for the second circle.

Step 3: Build the Middle Compartment Around the Zipper

Next you'll need to build the middle compartment of the bag by laying out strips of duct tape to form a sheet on either side of the zipper.

Start by placing your zipper face up on your table. Measure out a piece of tape the full length of the zipper (past the stops) and then stick it down onto the edge of the zipper as close to the zipper as possible without getting in the way when the zipper moves. This may require some trial and error until you get it right.

Do the same on the other side of the zipper.

Now flip the piece over so that both sticky sides are facing upwards and lay a strip of duct tape sticky side down onto each strip to seal in the zipper. The zipper should then be stuck firmly in place with a strip of duct tape on each side and no sticky faces of tape left.

Step 4: Complete the Middle Section

Now you need to measure the circumference (edge length) of your end circles. To do this, place the edge of the circle onto the ruler with a mark on the zero. Now roll the circle along the ruler until the mark touches the ruler again. You'll need to remember this length to make the middle section of your bag, mine was 36cm / 14".

You'll need to add strips of duct tape to either side of the zipper until the total length of your middle section is slightly (1cm / 1/3") shorter than the length you've just measured.

Add the strips with a slight overlap onto the previous strip. After adding each strip, flip the piece over and add a strip to the inside to cover up the sticky side of the duct tape. My section took four pieces on each side of the zipper to reach the required length.

After you've done this, add a strip to the top side each of the long edges of your middle section, perpendicular to the strips you've just laid out. This strip should be stuck on with half of the sticky edge overlapping the edge of the section. You're going to use this sticky edge in the next step to stick on the circle end pieces.

Step 5: Assemble the Bag

Turn the main section over so that you have the sticky side of the edge pieces face up. Cut slits into the tape every 1cm / 1/3" or so along the length of the sticky edge. This edge is going to be used to stick the circle end pieces into place.

Once you have completed the slits in both sides, place one of the circles with the coloured side facing outwards along the inside edge of the sticky surface where the zipper is.

Now sequentially fold a piece on either side up and onto the circle. Be sure to work in both directions, pulling the section up to the circle as you move along. The bag should then start taking form around the circle end pieces.

When you are done, you should have all of the tabs stuck to the end pieces and a slight gap between the two long edges in the middle section.

Finish the assembly by sticking a strip of duct tape down along this gap and sealing off the ends.

You should now have a complete bag which is sealed on both ends and opens with a zipper on one side.

Step 6: Add the Shoulder Strap

Next you can add a shoulder strap or carry handle to your bag.

Cut off a strip of duct tape, this time in a different colour if you have, about 80cm long for a should strap or 45cm long for a shorter carry handle. The strap also works well with patterned duct tape.

Fold one edge over along the length of the strip and then fold the other edge over on top of it. You should now have a strip just less than half of the width of the duct tape with no sticky surfaces visible.

Cut a square of the first colour duct tape and use this to stick the strap onto the circle side panel with the strap aligned with the top of the bag, near the zipper.

Do the same on the other side.

We're going to strengthen the strap connection in the next step.

Step 7: Add the Accent Strips & Finish Off

To strengthen the strap, add a small strip of tape onto the inside edge of the strap and onto the top of the bag as well. We'll be adding accent pieces to cover up this piece.

Now cut a strip of duct tape the length of the circumference of the circle and then cut it in half down the centre. You should be left with two thin strips of equal length.

Stick these strips along the edges of the middle section of the bag to add some detail and colour to the bag. This also works well with patterned tape.

Your bag is now complete and ready to use. It is also somewhat water resistant so it should keep your stuff dry in light rain. Add some padding to the inside and you have a great bag for a camera lens.

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