Introduction: Fun Fish Pond

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Step 1: Fun Fish Pond

It's really quit easy, I made mine in a day but, did not purchase the fish for a few days so the pool could settle plus I planted flowers around it and put red mulch around it also. I have learned a few things. Don't put mulch, use rocks if you can to soak up access water from rain and stuff. Right after I did put the fish it rained here 10 days straight and it was a mess let me tell you. Lol.. Anyway, purchase your kiddy pool, some thick tarp or garbage bag, and filter for however many gallons your pool is going to hold. If you don't know the gallons here's a formula to tell you. There are 7.48 in a cubic gallon so you measure the length of your pool x the width x depth when you get that answer then you multiply it by 7.48 and that will be how many cubic gallons you have in your pool. Also remember fish have to have room a good rule of thumb is 1 fish per gallon of water no more than 2 though really or they will die.. . Next step- Dig hole the hole needs to be deep enough were only the lip of the pool is out. So as you dig every so often just put pool in hole and make sure it's not to deep or shallow also make sure it's level or water will be deep at one end hahah... After hole is finish place tarp or garbage bags into it and make sure some hangs over side. Place pool in!! The Hard Parts Over!! Now I put mine where it would get a little sun but not a lot. Fish don't like hot water. And my fish are Comets they are great starter fish they will just keep growing as long as they have room and they come in all colors. I got mine at PetSmart near Target in Jackson they were .29 a piece and you can't beat that because some are going to die. I don't know why . I have 10 and they are all finally doing good but I know I lost 10 before I got them to live. And stay living. Also they like plants in their pond, like Lilly pads, it gives them shade and they eat algae off them. Also the lake hibiscus and iris' do great and duckweed. These also give off extra oxygen. I only have Lilly pads right now but, plan on getting some other stuff. When you bring fish home they need to stay in bag for 30 minutes but lay them in your new pond. This will help them start to get adjusted and not go into shock. Feed them immediately and feed them at least 3 x a day.
Hope you all enjoy your new fun fish pond as much as I enjoy mine! Don't forget to clean filter about every couple weeks or so!!

Step 2: You Will Need

Size pool you want -
Tarp or heavy garbage bag for under pool -
Filter ( Home Depot )-
Thermometer and chlorine and PH kit if you don't have Well water.-
And a gallon milk jug or half gallon to sit pump in with large rocks-

Step 3: