Fun Foam DODOcase VR Kit Mod

Introduction: Fun Foam DODOcase VR Kit Mod

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Well in this second part of our Instructable Build Night series we wanted to modify our kit to me it a bit more visually appealing and also to increase some durability, thats why we came up with this idea, Fun Foam is a good material to work with and is relatively cheap due to the fact that we bought a whole sheet for our Build Night and any leftovers went to a bin for further use.

So, this is our second Instructable in the Build Night and I hope you like it and as always leave feedback. It is really appreciated :)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

The Materials an Tools for this project are the following:

- DODOcase VR kit (Assembled).

- Fun Foam (We chose black as our color).

- Tailors chalk or any way of marking on your foam.

- Double sided tape or any way of attaching your foam.

- Paper.

- Scissors, Box Cutter or X-acto knife (Any method for cutting basically).

Step 2: Tracing & Cutting

Well for this step this was basically trial and error, at first we traced the kit directly on to the fun and it really didn't make a mark so we thought on making templates and it was a great idea, simple trace your kit onto a piece of paper and cut, then using that template trace your foam and cut, real simple isn't it?

A good thing of having templates is the with one batch of them we were able to make all the pieces for all the kits and the paper use was minimum.

Step 3: Taping & Minor Adjustments

Now using your tape, apply the necessary pieces onto your kit and put your foam on, for the ring hole we eyeballed it's place and cut it out with an X-acto knife, if any pieces are to big just retrace them with your knife to make them flush, test if your kit closes or any other minor details.

Step 4: Done!

There you have it guys and gals your VR kit has now some strength and it looks better, be sure to check the first Instructable on this series:

Thank you for reading and have fun making!


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