Fun Fur Poncho

Introduction: Fun Fur Poncho

This is a poncho that I made in 2.5 hours!!! It was so easy and fun that I get people asking me to make more and how much did I pay for it. When they find out I made it, they are always shocked!

I got the pattern from Lion Brand - Striped Child's Capelet.

The pattern was too small...but figured I could enlarge it to fit her.

As I casted on 100 stitches, I realized that this was going to take a long time to knit. Then, after realizing that the whole pattern was in stockinette, I decided to pull out my Incredible Sweater Machine. I plugged in Plate 4, cast on all 100 needles and went to town.

The poncho has 2 panels and each panel has 4 color blocks. Each color block used one skien of a color. So I made this with 8 balls of Fun Fur. I just took my daughter to pick out 4 colors that made her happy and then the rest was history.

The panels took no time and when I was done, all I had to do was whipstitch the edges and leave an opening!

She likes to wear it many different ways but the "cape" direction is her favorite! Her friends love to come by and "pet" her poncho. She definatly gets a LOT of attention when she wears it!

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    That looks like so much fun! I love fuzzy scarves, and can only imagine that a big cape/poncho would be even better.