Introduction: Fun Kaleidoscope Lens for Smartphone Camera

About: Maker guy with a lot of love for paper and cardboard. Recently also working with recycled plastics. other related interests are photography, youtube, recycling, etc :-)

In this project i show you how to make a fun little kaleidoscope lens that fits your smartphone! It’s very cool to experiment with random objects laying around the house and see what kind of reflections can be made :).

Step 1: Collect Materials & Make Parts

materials needed are:

3mm plywood, 3mm acrylic mirror glass or 1,5mm polystyrene mirror with 1,5mm cardboard backing
cut parts manually or lasercut the files :) The pdf is made in A4 size and don’t scale it please!

once you got the parts, remove protective film and clean the mirror glass. In this case i used 1,5mm polystyrene so i needed to top it up with 1,5mm cardboard so the total thickness is 3mm.

Step 2: Time to Assemble!

use hot glue to install the mirrors into the smartphone back panel. Follow up with glueing the support and finish with the top triangle to hold everything in place nicely.

Step 3: Time to Install and Play! :-)

the iPhone lens sticks out a bit so i used cardboard to raise the panel a bit. With temporary sticky dots, i installed the kaleidoscope onto the phone and now ready for action! :-)