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Introduction: Fun Loom Bookmark

Step 1: Materials

You'll Need:
Fun loom

Step 2: Lay the Bands

For mine I used Green, Black, Pink and White. To lay the bands all you need to do is lay your first color all the way to the top.

Step 3: Finish the Rows

These next rows are going to be black and pink. Repeat the same thing we did for the first color.

Step 4: Adding the White

To add the white bands you need to make upside down triangles going all the way up the loom except for the very bottom triangle

Step 5: Looping Time!

To loop you first need to turn your loom around so the U's are facing downward like a rainbow. Then, you want to take the middle row and loop the black band to the next peg repeat this through the whole middle row. In order for the other rows to work you must pull back the white triangle and grab the band from under neath instead of on top

Step 6: Last Steps

First you want to take the very last band you looped and pull it over to he top middle peg do the same with the other side. Then carefully peel off the loom halfway from the bottom

Step 7: Take Off

Now you want to peel it all the way off except to the last peg

Step 8: Final Touch Ups

Add any loose bands to the last peg, hook on a C-clip and you are done! If you don't have a c clip then just string a rubber band brought the other bands and tie a knot. I did this because it won't fall out as easily. I also took out the black rubber bands in the middle

Step 9: You Are Done

All done

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    Taylor TheD
    Taylor TheD

    4 years ago

    Hey, Great tutorial, really helped I made an Orange, Green, and Blue bracelet (with a white frame)... I also used two looms to make a full bracelet! Thanks for the tutorial really detailed! :)


    7 years ago

    great tutorial
    do you know how to do it on your fingers because I would love to make one but I don't have a loom
    thanks x