Introduction: Fun Monster Drawing Game

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This is a great activity a little girl I used to babysit taught me. Now I get to play it with my little girl. It is so much fun! It becomes very addictive. 

The goal is to have 2 or more people work on the same monter, not knowing what the other person drew. The reveal is always fun and a big suprise. 

You will need: 

A friend or two
Crayons or Markers

Step 1: Fold and Make the Head.

Everyone takes a piece of paper, and folds it into thirds, (the same way you fold a letter to fit in an envelope)

Everyone draws a head on the paper, having the neck end at the bottom of the fold. 
Don't peek at each other's drawings.  Mark on the other side of the fold where your neck ends, so the next person can make the body line up. 

Step 2: Switch and Do the Body

Now switch papers with your friend, and draw the body. 
Don't draw the legs, just the torso and arms.  Have it go all the way from the top to the bottom of the third of paper.  Mark on the next section where the body ends so the next person can make the feet line up. 

Step 3: Draw the Feet

Switch papers again. Now it's time to make the legs and feet. It doesn't have to have legs, it could have tentacles, fins, whatever. 

Step 4: The Big Reveal!

Now it's time to unfold your monsters and see what you made! 


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