Introduction: Fun Necktie Dress

In today's work world, neck ties are becoming nearly obsolete. A couple years ago I decided to take advantage of the abundant inventory of fabulous ties in order to satisfy my desire for a new dress. I came up with my Necktie Halter Dress.

This new design is even easier to create.

The bodice of the dress is simply three rows of horizontal ties that meet in the center. The bottom half of the dress is a funky array of ties attached to the bottom of bodice. Add a belt and you're ready to hit the runway in a unique, artsy, and fun dress.

P.S. I looked so bad in that third photo that I took the liberty of decapitating myself. This made the photo almost perfect, except for the dirty sock laying on the floor.

P.S.S. The dog in the last photo is responsible for the dirty sock in the second photo.

Step 1: Gather Your Ties

You'll need a bunch. My dress took about 30 ties.

If you can't find enough great ties laying in the bottom of the closet, check Good Will or Thrift Stores.

I was very selective in that I did not accept any ties with gravy stains.

Step 2: Sewing the Bodice Part A

The bodice is simply rows of horizontal ties which line up in the front.

I'm relatively small, so three rows of ties did the trick for me. This required 6 ties (two per row).

I chose 6 that I thought matched in terms of color and a variety of patterns.

With the widest ends together, overlap one end over the other and pin in place. Stich along the the edge of the outside tie. Repeat for rows 2 and 3. (Or however many you need.)

After you have created your individual rows, you will sew them together. In my design I decided to have the top ties pointing in opposite directions for each row. Pin them together, one row at a time.

Note that you can cut the both ends to make them shorter and easier to deal with. (It's going to be way longer than it needs to be, but don't cut it too short!)

Step 3: Finishing the Bodice

Note: The most difficult part of this project is fitting the bodice to your body. If you have someone to help, you will most likely avoid flesh wounds.

(You will ultimately be folding both ends under 1/2-3/4 inch. And the two ends of the bodice will overlap by 1-2" in order to snap closed.

Once you have the correct length, turn ends under, pin and sew.

Here's where a second set of hands would come in handy. Pin the bodice on your body and check it out. You may need to add a dart if it does not fit snugly.

What's a dart?

It's basically an angled seam that makes something fit closer to your body. In the second photo I created a dart side of the bodice. I did this on both sides to make it more snug.

Then just sew on the snaps!

Step 4: Making the Skirt

Now comes the fun part!

I started by lining up the ties in the order I wanted them on the dress.

Next, fold in half to find the middle of the tie. Then pin each tie along the middle fold, but on a slight angle to the bottom of the bodice. Leave 1/8" space between the ties. Sew all ties in place.

Step 5: Add a Strap

Cut two ties 22", starting from the the narrow end.

Sew to the top of your dress angled slightly toward the center.

Step 6: Wear It Poudly!

You should wear leggings with this, since the ties are not connected to each other.

Unless, of course, you want to make a statement.

If you don't want to wear leggings or make a statement, you can wear a short slip beneath the dress. Get one that matches the dress. I would wear a short black slip beneath this one.

On second thought, maybe I'll make a statement instead.

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