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Does your daughter love fashion? Does she like to have her own one of a kind outfit? My daughter absolutely loves it when I make her an outfit. You can make an entire outfit in less than 2 hours! I made this one for her birthday. I can't wait to give it to her. I made the entire outfit that includes, shirt, skirt, handbag and a backup tank top to keep in her bag for under $12.00!

You will need:

Fabric~ measure her waist and double the number. You can put it up to her to measure for length, or you can use another skirt to get the right measurement. You will need extra fabric for the handbag. I usually just buy 2 yds. so that I have plenty. You will also want a coordinating piece of fabric for the inside of the bag. Approx. 12' x 12".

Lace trimming
Fusible web
Elastic 3/4"
Plain white t-shirt
Plain tank top

Step 1:


Lay your fabric out and cut the measurement from the top down. Measure the length and cut. The width of the fabric is perfect for my 5 yr. old daughter.

Step 2:

Hem the bottom. Fold 1/4" up and press. Fold up once again and press. Sew the hemline. Next, you will want to  make the waistband. Fold 1/4" down and press. Fold again to make a 1" hem so that your elastic will fit when sewn. Sew the side seam.

After you sew the side seam, sew the waistband that is already pressed.

Step 3:

Pull the elastic through the waistband and sew the elastic. Add the lace trim to the bottom edge and you are finished with your skirt!!! That easy!

Step 4:

For the t-shirt, you can sew the lace trim to the neck area. Sometimes I also add it to the sleeves.

Cut out a piece of the fabric to match the skirt. I usually cut out a character to put on the t-shirt. Place the fusible webbing to the wrong side of the fabric. Follow instructions on the webbing. Iron the character to the t-shirt.

I also do this with the matching tank top.

Step 5:


Use your extra material for this. Cut out a square or rectangle piece of the skirt material and you will want to cut another piece from a different material out as well.

Iron the fusible webbing to the first piece of material. Next, you will iron the other piece of material to the skirt material, wrong sides together. 

Cut a triangle out on each side of the bottom of the bag, Sew the sides and bottom of the bag. For the handle, you will want to cut a piece of fabric and sew wrong sides together. Turn inside out and sew to the edges of the inside of the bag.

Sew lace trim around the top of the bag! Wow, can you believe how easy this is!!!!

Step 6:

I put the tank top in the handbag for a backup! My daughter loves to have the option to change!

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