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Introduction: Fun Room Update

After and Before Pictures.

I needed the room to be suitable for a boy. My husband had changed floors in the whole house a couple years before I started this project. I just couldn't find another full picture of the room clean. This picture was a rarity for our teenage daughters room.

Step 1: Items You Will Need for Project

1/4" (5.0mm) 4'x8' Sanded Plywood - Can be found at any home improvement store for about 15.00.



Stain, Paint, or some type of Varnish if want to keep original wood color look

Brad Nailer or Staple Gun

Step 2:

I used 2 sheets of plywood for one wall. The size of your wall will determine how many sheets of plywood you will need.

Draw 2 wavy lines to start - Cut with jigsaw.

Set the flat edge piece to the side.

Use the piece that is wavy on both sides to trace lines on the rest of the board, then cut your lines.

Stain or Paint - Let dry. I used the garage door to lean them against after I stained them.

NOTE: Keep the wood in the order cut, so it lines up properly on your wall (number the backs).

Step 3:

Remove the baseboard and crown moulding from the wall you are putting the wood on.

Bring all cut pieces to room. You may need two people to do this part. Have someone hold the edge piece flat against the wall - TRACE with a pencil. Continue tracing EACH piece till you reach the end. Move the pieces out of your way and paint every other wavy line that you just traced. It doesn't have to be perfect because your wood will cover it.

The reason I did not put the wood up and then paint was because I didn't want to get paint on the edges of the wood, but that is entirely up to you.

Step 4:

Line the wood up, and start stapling.

Staple baseboard and crown moulding back to wall.

Clean up mess.

My room was quite messy during all of this because I also cut the wall out beneath the window and built some shelves.

Last picture, our little man Zed <3

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    8 years ago

    you totaly transformed the room...while old one looks more light ..with strips and black floor it is changed totally...great for study room

    Daww I bet Zed is going to love his room. I know I certainly would, I love the wavy lines! Thanks for sharing!