Introduction: Fun Summer Adjustable Wire Button Ring

I tend to lose jewelry more in the summer than the rest of the year.. My hands get warm and rings feel tight, I take them off somewhere and they disappear... These are great to deal with both issues. They are adjustable, so they can be loosened up when needed and they are CHEAP and fast to make, so I don't cry when one disappears.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • A button that attaches from the back ( not with holes going through the middle)
  • Jewelry Wire (18 or 16 gauge works well)
  • Nylon jaw pliers (or flat pliers- the kind that don't have 'teeth')
  • A ring mandrel, or another hard round object- like a socket or a tube of lipstick

Step 2: Prepare the Wire

Cut a piece of wire about 2 feet long
Fold it in half
Press the fold together tightly with your pliers

Step 3: Form the Ring

Wrap the wire, starting with the bent end, around your mandrel.
Wrap it around twice, so the bend has a full wrap above it and the next wrap ends just where the ring begins... See the picture to interpret what I just wrote!
Wrap it a little bigger than you want it to ultimately be. It's adjustable, so accuracy isn't crucial, but a little bigger is easier to fix than a bit too small.

Step 4: Add the Button

Slide the button over both wires, from the unbent ends.
Place it at the point above the beginning, bent, point on the wire.
It's easier for me to take it off the mandrel to attach the button, but see what works for you.
Either way, you should hold the button in place to move onto the next step

Step 5: Wrap the Button With the Wire

Using the pictures as a guide, wrap the wire around the knob of the button hole.
Make sure your wires are wrapping in opposite directions. Wrap them as tightly as you can.
Three or four wraps should do it.

Step 6: Finish the Wire Wrap

Cross the wires at the ring base, and wrap them in opposite directions, several times around the ring base.
(It's probably easier to unwind the ring a bit to wrap the wire on this step.. It's okay! We're going to reform it in the next step).
When you are satisfied with the wrapping job, cut off any excess wire and bend the ends back into the wrapped wire.
Squish them in a bit with your pliers.

Step 7: Finishing the Ring

Put the ring back on the mandrel at the size you would like it to be.
Tighten it as needed.
Press the button down tightly to the mandrel to get it to sit at flush as possible with the ring base.
When you are happy with the shape and size, remove it from the mandrel and try it on.

Step 8: Be Fabulous All Summer

Stop being scared of jewelry in the heat!
Wear these, adjust them, lose them,
give them to a well deserving, unaccessorized friend, and make more!
Happy Summer!

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