Introduction: DIY Fun Wall Art

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I love using single shapes for paper-cut wall arts, especially triangles. But I wanted to try a different shape this time.
I've been thinking and thinking but couldn't come up with a simple yet cool shape till last week. I had no idea that this art would look sooo amazing until I made one. It looks even better with different bright colors!

Follow this ible to find out how easily I made this wall art, you'll have fun for sure :)

This is a fun thing to do with papers, colors and could be a sweet gift for your beloved one <3

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this wall art you'll need:

1) Colored papers,
2) White art paper,
3) Glue,
4) Pencil,
5) Scissor,
6) Poster color and paint brush.

Step 2: Customized Colored Paper

I made one of these wall arts using single colored papers but it didn't turn out as good as I thought- see last picture of this step.

So I painted a few white papers with different colors- as you can see in the first picture of this step,

I used the single colored papers as well as the colorful,shaded papers for the paper cut art :)

Mixing and matching both kinds make a great combination.

Step 3: Teardrop-shaped Paper Pieces

Cut teardrop shaped pieces out of the colored (both single colored and customized colored papers) papers,

Take a pencil and draw teardrop shapes on it as shown in the first picture of this step, this way the colored papers won't get wasted,

Step 4: Get Creative!

Prepare your canvas, draw borders using pencil if you want to,

Take a teardrop-shaped paper piece, apply glue on the back of the piece and stick it on the white canvas,

Don't worry about the design, you'll automatically come up with a design once you start gluing the paper pieces on the canvas,

- But you'll have to choose a starting point for the art,
- Use the bigger pieces to create the main patterns,
- Basically you can form flower-like patterns using the teardrop shaped paper pieces, otherwise - go crazy, get creative!
- After completing the main pattern use the smaller pieces to fill the rest,
- Try filling the whole canvas,
- Fill the small gaps using small teardrop shaped paper pieces...

In few words- cut'em, stick'em... it ain't rocket science! :p

Frame the art, hang it in a room or give it as a gift.


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