Introduction: Fun With Pigs (3 Sub Special)

This is only part one if we can get 5 subs I will post part 2

Step 1: Items and Seed

You will need any building block, a pig spawner, and a carrot or potato.
The seed it optional but I recommend it for an easy build
The seed is: flatgrass

Step 2: Build an Arena-ish

Fly over to the area above(if using flatgrass)
Fly to any circular area
Build on top of it, making it 2 blocks high so the pigs don't escape.

Step 3: Release the Pigs

Spawn a LOT of pigs

Step 4: Assemble the Troops!

Hold the carrot/potato in your hand and fly around them
P.s. You didn't have to build the arena thingy you just had to contain them before you pull out the food or they would escape