Introduction: Fun With Shapes - Fun Filled Geometry!

In this instructable, I will teach you how to create your own teasers using simple items that you find in your house. Creating your own puzzle/brain teaser enables you to be a creative thinker and a problem solver! You can amaze your friends with your teasers!

For teachers and parents- This is so much fun to use 3D interactives and help our little ones think. It also refreshes and strengthens our thinking as well.

To help you begin, I will share with you some simple teasers. Some of these teasers are really simple and some are challenging as well. Have fun making your own and be amazed with what you can do!

The inspiration to make these brain teasers came from multiple sources including my mom and my grandparents. I enjoyed solving these as a kid and as a mom!

Here are some of the online links that I used as an inspiration.


You need everyday items to have fun with this project.

Use any of the following to have fun with shapes.

15-20 pencils (both color and regular pencils will work)

15-20 crayons (any color)

Q tips ( Q tips can be colored to make it more fun)

Straws (straws need to be cut to the required size)

Pipe cleaners (Pipe cleaners need to be cut to the required size)

Paper and markers.

Step 1: Teaser 1 - Make Three Equilateral Triangles by Moving Four Straws

Step 2: Solution for Teaser 1

Step 3: Teaser 2 -Make a Hexagon With Six Moves.

Step 4: Solution for Teaser 2

Step 5: Teaser 3 - Make Two Moves

Step 6: Teaser - 4 Make Two Equilateral Triangles and Two Right Angled Triangles With Just Two Moves.

Step 7: Solution for Teaser 4

Step 8: Teaser 5 - Make Four Moves to Make the Fish Go in Another Direction (opposite Direction)

Step 9: Solution for Teaser 5

Step 10: Teaser 6 -Make Five Triangles From 9 Crayons

Step 11: Solution for Teaser 6

Step 12: Teaser 7 - Remove Four Crayons to Leave Six Triangles.

Step 13: Solution for Teaser 7

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