Introduction: Fun Xylophone Simple to Make

I made a glass or bottle xylophone using random stuff i found around my home.
the stuff i used:
5 sticks of around 2 meters: for the structure.
Glass bottles any amount counts. for the bottles oh......didn't need to explain that
string. to hang the bottles and reinforce the structure.
tape, i used electrical tape.i taped everything together. fast and simple

Step 1:

i hung the bottles to the top of the structure by the necks, and made sure they wouldn't slip with tape.

Step 2:

did the same with the second row and then connected them to the bottom of the structure with knots and tape.

Step 3:

i added extra string to make sure everything was nice and tight.

sorry for how awful i am at explaining this. Over all it was quite simple and only took around 45 minutes to make.