Introduction: Fun With an Arduino, or How I Learned to Love Myrobotlab Software...

Hello All! I am so excited over my first use of myrobotlab software ( ) that I actually made a video about it. I have been interested in 3D printers for some time now, and can hardly wait to have my own, for just one reason: I WANT TO PRINT AN INMOOV ANDROID! ( ) . I mean, how cool would it be to print a life-sized android robot? One thing troubled me though, I have very little experience with programming and computer control. I worry no more, because I found MRL. It allows users to assemble a series of services to accomplish things that I could barely dream about a short time ago. Watch the video, and see how easily I created a vision tracking system. Then, visit MRLs website and download the free software to start experimenting with your own robotics project. GroG, the developer makes himself available to help newbies like myself achieve some pretty amazing things!


Step 1:

In order to use your Arduino to control a Pan and Tilt rig with two servos, you will need one 1N4005 or 1N4007 diode, some sort of Pan and Tilt rig (which I have seen made with nothing more than hot-melt glued servos), a webcam, and an Arduino. I used the Arduino Uno, using the output of pins 3 and 11. Follow the awesome tutorial from Alessandruino HERE:  Using this Python script:

tracker = Runtime.createAndStart("tracker","Tracking")
tracker.setRestPosition(90, 90);



And the Arduino wiring diagram provided here. The first time you hook up your Arduino, you must upload the sketch included in the MRL Arduino service, and assign the correct output pins on the servo service tabs. By watching the tutorial and my quick video you will have a good handle on the setup. Myrobotlab can do MUCH more, with more capabilities added almost every day...CHECK IT OUT! Regards, Chris
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