Introduction: Fun Wood Coasters Using Laser Cutter

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You will need:

Plank of wood
Laser cutter/etcher
Some wood cutting tools -- I used the vertical band saw
A few images with a common theme

Step 1: Create Your Coasters on Illustrator and Laser the Images

4in by 4in is a good size

Design your coasters however you like. Would be good to stick with a theme here. 

Download my .ai file in the attached section if you'd like to use it.

For rastering - 75 speed/ 90 power

Step 2: Cut Out the Squares

Cut out your coasters by following the square lines you rastered

Step 3: Lastly, Sand Down the Edges

Lastly, sand down the edges and round the corners.

No more cup imprints on your coffee tables!

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