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Hello Everyone,

Need a Cheap Function Generator ? , Don't Wanna buy it....? .... you can make one from this tutorial..... A function generator is one's need.... In most of the project...... I made it to use it to make wireless power transmission modules..... .. After searching a lot on Internet I came up with the best ever and the easiest ever to build....

The Heart of this project is IC ICL8038.
It also has a frequency range of 150Hz to 150 KHz in the output of sine, saw, and square waves.
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Let's Build It..!

Step 1: Material and Components Required

Let's browse what we all need.

1. 3x10K Potentiometer.

2. 1x1K variable resistor(I've used a trimpot one) .

3. 1x4.7K variable resistor .

4. IC ICL8038.

5. 1xTransistor 2N1613.

6. 1xDC Jack.

7. Wire Terminal.

8. 1x 4 terminal rotary switch.(or any sort of switch for tuning, due to lack of availability I've use dip switches)

9. 15k and 2M Resistor.


Here's the Circuit for the function generator, make the circuit as given but in the place of that 1M resistor, use a 2M one....... You can also make pcb for the given circuit..... And if you need the eagle file..... Please comment for it...... And I will upload it......

Eagle Files

Step 3: Ready to Serve

That's all you need to do.... To make your own function generator..... Please... Share....... And if you like this...... Add this to your favorites...... :)

Step 4: Updates


Added github link to cad files


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