Functional Kit Mercy Gun of Overwatch

Introduction: Functional Kit Mercy Gun of Overwatch

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Caduceus Blaster is a secondary weapon supporting Mercy heroine of the game Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment.

manual has been compiled to give a model nicely painted and then fold ..

Step 1: Documentation

Get a nice and useful data for 3D model

Step 2: 3D Modeling

First you need to create a 3D model itself Blaster suitable for 3D printing.
This 3D model was prepared using Cinema 4D. 3D modeling weapons and to go nicely folded and paint takes about 22 hours of patient work, quality music and one of two energy drinks.

3D Model preview

Step 3: 3D Printing

When we model and prepare it for 3D printing

If you can not be modeled as a 3D model can be downloaded here

data version n.1. still needs to be lightly sanded

Step 4: Manual Processing of 3D Printing

3D printing is to be cleaned, remove the props and excessive portions

Step 5: Grinding and Polishing

using sealants and paints and putty outgrow 3D printing errors

Step 6: Painting

an inked us just ordinary paints and sprays

According to the draft of the paint the

Step 7: Assemlby

The composition is already tranquility see video.

Attention: components need to adhere to each other ..

if you're interested Mercy gun ready to write

further guidance will Roadhog Scrap Gun

if you are interested in any toy Write very happy to prepare guidance

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