Introduction: Functional Objects Overconstructed (Lamp Study)

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Inspired by the Virgil Abloh's Nike Series Ten Icons Reconstructed, whereby Abloh deconstructs and reconstructs the most iconic shoes, leaving core materials (such as zip ties) visible, this lamp uses the same philosophies.

The exposed core components celebrate the very basic structure of an object of relative simplicity; and as the eye moves to the bottom of the object, the overuse of supplementary adhesive materials represent the modern interplay between minimalism and overindulgence.

Step 1: BOM

Gather materials above. These were purchased at local SF hardware store.

Step 2: Assemble Parts

1. Clean rebar with solvent by wiping with cloth rag.

2. Spray rebar with primer.

4. Affix socket cord to rebar using large zip-ties.

5. Affix cord to rebar

6. Use weatherstripping adhesive to affix zip-ties to remainder of rebar on smooth side.

7.Use clear epoxy to affix zip-ties on side with latch.

8. Use weatherstripping adhesive on lowehalf of rebar - over apply

9. Let dry

[Optional: Spray paint with your favorite bespoke color. Mine is Shrimp Pastel! (Not shown in this series)]

10. Spray with Varnish.

11. Screw bulb into socket.

Step 3: Installation

Install lamp - let lay on top of shelves, furniture, etc. or standing leaning against something. (The lack of free-standing base allows for the deconstructed, parsed down dynamic.)