Introduction: Functional Steampunk Airsoft Pistol

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When I saw the Steampunk Challenge it gave me the motivation to actually do this project which had been kicking around in my head for a while. I have a bunch of less-than powerful Airsoft guns lying around, a bunch of random junk, adhesives, and metallic paint. Combine all of this, and I get a Steampunk Airsoft gun!

I also wanted the gun to work. Maybe not be easy to cock, or load, or aim, but at least fire. This one fits that description perfectly.

This gun is not up to my personal artistic standards, but I couldn't figure out something to edge the leather with to my satisfaction, or something to cover the exposed glued woods on the ends of the scope.

Without further ado, here is my Steampunk Airsoft gun.

The gun I chose had some accuracy issues so i decided to to take it apart and maybe fix that. I found the problem- a cracked barrel mount- and patched it up with Krazy Glue (CA glue). That fixed it wonderfully