Introduction: Fundamentals of Design Thinking , the Development of the 'Coffee Cup'

The holistic process of creating a coffee cup with the guidance of the brand and the persona.

Step 1: Brand Analysis

The history and the vision of the brand Rebul

Step 2: Persona


Step 3: Concept 1

Texture + Color + Suprise element

Step 4: Concept 2

Wooden and porcelain cup

Feeeling comfortable and in control

Minimal forms

Texture and dents can be applied onto porcelain piece, organic bumps and dents

Step 5: Concept 3

Adding the spoon to the cup and coaster concept

the handle also substitutes as a coaster, spoon holder

Having all the items together, a feeling of belonging,

simple forms

Step 6: Developing the Concept According to the Instructable's Comments

Step 7: SWOT Analysis in the Workshop Discussion Session

Step 8: Concept Detailing

After the SWOT analysis, the manufacturing and joinin details of wood were alteres. Cork adds insulator properties to the cup and is detachable .

Step 9: Details

the cup could have various purposes that all demand holding, such as eating muesli or drinking soup. The dents eases the holding. The cork area is specified for the hand-contact surface