Introduction: Funky Necklace Idea :)

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My sister likes collecting soda can tabs,and i was bored one I made these :)

All you need is - 
soda can tab - any size or colour,up to you :)
nail polish/acrylic paint
nail filer
(sorry if it's 'confusing',leave a message if you're stuck :)
post a pic if you made this !!)

Step 1: Safety Check!

Check your tabs for sharp edges!
File the sharp parts with a nail filer or cut it with a scissors! make sure the edges are all smooth

Step 2: Clean and Colour

wrinse you tabs in warm water to get rid of any leftover soda :P wipe dry

If you prefer a lil colour,then after it's dry,paint a coat of nail polish or paint...I used polish cause i was lazy :P
paint a thin layer first,then another after it dries.

Paint the sides too,make sure the colour is even...
Stick the nail filer in the hole and leave it hanging to dry properly,

Step 3: When You're Done,

measure out your string, and tie a dead knot,necklace knot
(i don't know,i just tie a simple knot when i wanna wear it :))
i should look like this...

be creative,add some coloured string or chain to make it look more funky :)

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