Introduction: Funny Arduino Reaction Game

Funny Arduino reaction game for the whole family ;) Based on cross platform Bluetooth communication. You only need some Arduino stuff, an Android smartphone and a shoe box. If you do not have any of these, believe firmly in it: there is nothing that can stop you! Feel like the king of fruit with "Fruitspasss"!

But how does it work? What are the rules? What do I need?

For this amazing world-shaking game you need:

1 x Arduino UNO

1 x Arduino Bluetooth Shield

1 x LCD Screen (16 x 2 Characters) - here with I2C Module

1 x (big) Electronics Breadboard

2 x 220 Ω Resistors

2 x Pushbutton switch

1 x Shoe Box with cute color and arms (moustache is optional)

A few wires

1 x USB cable

Here the rules:

On your smartphone there will randomly appear pictures of some fruits. At the same time some random fruit names are displayed on the LCD screen of the arduino. If the fruits' name fits to the picture of the fruit that is shown on the smartphone you have to press your button! (There is two buttons, for two players). If you press your button faster than your opponent you receive a point. If you press the button wrongly the other player gets a bonus point. You achieve five points - you win! Easy isn't it? Let's start.

Step 1: Set Up the Arduino

Set up the Arduino as shown in the picture or even more beautiful than this masterpiece :)

Install the Arduino Bluetooth Shield on top of the Arduino.

Check the wire description on the LCD I2C Module and make sure that the wires are connected in the correct way with the Arduino. Connect step by step the further objects. For the following steps, make sure that (see the photo) the jumpers are connected as described. Make sure that the slider points upwards from this perspective ("top").

Important note: the lower jumper of the Arduino must be removed when the Arduino project is loaded from the computer to the Arduino.

You can download the code from here:

If you find some errors or improvements etc. feel free to contact us. Note, that the fruit names currently are written in german as this is our mother language. You easily can adjust them by renaming the fruits String variable.

As last step you professionally have to built a 3D model and a case concept for the ardu ... whatever take a random shoe box and install the Arduino devices inside of it, this should work as well.

Yey, next step.

Step 2: Android Application

We implemented the Android smartphone application via AppInventor. At this point it should be said that we only did this for time reasons. Everyone who has more time should look for another "programming environment". The drawback of AppInventor is the lack of functionality to write code, strong timer issues, unintuitive usage and hardly any debugging capabilities. However this version works fine.
You can see the "code" in the picture. Feel free to use it. For the GUI you can easily orient on our version or built your own special interface to impress your friends and family!

Step 3: Have Fun!

Nice! You got it.
It is best to make sure that the buttons are well fixed and that the shoebox is stable enough for any aggressive behaviour from bad losers. Try it and tell us if you like it :) Cheers!

Project developed by Julian B. & Dominik R.

ESTIA, France, Bidart.

Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität, Germany, Munich.