Introduction: Funny Easter Eggs

About: I love to make DIY projects with my son

What ?

Not very traditional easter eggs but little bit more funny than ordinary ones.

Why ?
It is a really good fun to make such decorational eggs with the kids. Especially for them.

What will be needed ?


Dyes or water paints



Step 1: Prepare Playground

Important step - since You will be working with the man (husband) and the kids, You need to secure the playground with the newspapers.

Prepare paints, water, plasticine and boiled eggs.

Step 2: Painting the Eggs

Wear the gloves and color the eggs with the water paint. Let them dry before next step

Step 3: Plasticine Modeling

Use the plasticine to make the creatures from eggs. You can make a lot of things which will look far more funnier than ordinary easter eggs.

You can make:
- green frog
- pink pig
- red devil
- green crocodil
and many many more-use Your imagination

Step 4: Stands

If Your plasticine easter eggs are ready, put them in the bottle caps. They will hold the eggs.