Introduction: Funny Present Suit

I like to hide in fun and uncommon places from presents to trees. I LOVE CAMMOFLAUGE!!

Step 1: Interior

So it's a couple days before Christmas and I wanted to scare my siblings. We put our presents under the tree and this suit blends right in!! First, you'll need som boxes.

Step 2: Poses

So first I had to figure out a pose that I could stay in for a while so what I decided to do was stay on my knees. When you have your pose, form the boxes around you.

Step 3: Body and Head

The body on mine had a hole so that I could pop my head up and scare them. But don't add a hole if your not going to scare them like if your playing hide and seek!

Step 4: Hiding It All

Make sure to hide all of your body and don't forget to add somthing on top to hide your head.

Step 5: Wrap It All

Once you have every thing covered, it's time to wrap it all up. I used multiple colors so it wasn't obvious!