Introduction: Funny Stackable People

About: Hi, I am Richard, Father of 1 son + 2 step sons, so we have a house full of Lego. I have had lego for decades, including Lego mindstorms. I like to make things. In my little garage I have a large CNC machine,…

Seen these funny stackable people once in a store, so thought I would make some myself on my CNC.

They are made from a piece of 10cmx100cmx2cm balsa wood plank. You can get 10 of these from one plank.

If you do not have a CNC machine, you can of course easily extrude the .dxf file to a 3d model, but it might take a while to print, compared to CNCing.

You can use these funny people to stack in many variations, but you can also just line them to use them as dominos, at least that is what my little helper likes to do with them.