Introduction: Fur Wallet

About: David Burkhardt is a product designer based in Hamburg, Germany.

This is a simple with an optional fur skin on the outside. The template is designed to be cut with a co2 laser, but it can also be made with normal scissors. It is mostly riveted and has very little hand stitching. This Wallet can be made in less than 30minutes.

It has 3 pockets:

- a long pocket for bank notes,

- one with a lid for coins

- a passport/ticket window.

You can make it with an all around strap like in the picture or just plain flat in which case it is made out of just 3 pieces of leather and some hollow leather rivets.

Depending on your choice you need the following Material grades:

- Fur (1.5-2mm)

- medium Thickness leather (1.5-2mm)

- leather strap (2-3mm)

You need a strong needle for leather works and 1-1.5mm thick woven twine. Pliers are useful to pull the needle sometimes.

Step 1: Cut Out the Template

When you have a co2 laser cutter at hand, you can quickly cut out all the parts even with the stitching holes. Make sure your exhaust fan is working on high speed, because burned fur can be very smelly.

Otherwise print out the dxf Files (Scale is Millimeter), place them on your leather with double sided tape so you can cut both at the same time. Use an awl and a small mallet to punch the sewing holes.

I included the Rhino .3dm file in case you want to make changes to the Template or remix the design.

Step 2: Form the Leather and Rivet the Parts Together

  • If you have a strap, now is the time to punch the rivet holes for it and attach it.
  • Then soak the leather pieces in water for some 10minutes and then fold it like in the above template: The Passport window is folded in a Zigzag pattern while the coin purses edges are just folded in.
  • Put the leather pieces onto the fur piece from the inside. Place the rivets in the corners and gently hammer them so that they don't come off again but still not squeeze the leather too much. The Leather is very soft in wet stage and may just tear apart if you fully close the rivet already.
  • Now you can sew together the wet leather on the coin purse. Use bees wax on the yarn every two or three stitches. I used a crisscross stitch because i liked the patchy look of it.
  • Now place a small wood block with rounded edges in the coin purse and the passport/credit card purse and fold over the coin purses lid and lid strap.
  • Place between two wooden boards and clamp together and let it dry.
  • punch holes in the lid strap and sew together like in the above Foto
  • When the purse has dried, you can close the rivets completely.