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Introduction: Buy Furniture for Less Using Craigslist

As any student or post-grad can report, money can be tight. With a little imagination and creativity, you can furnish your apartment and still stay on budget.

Here are some tips we used to furnish our 2-br apartment - we had $700 and 2 weeks:

1. New Queen-sized Mattress -$250
2. Bedroom - $100
3. Sofa & Love Seat (gray cloth) - $80
4. Armoire - $30
5. TV(42"CRT Sony) + TV Stand + DVD - $75
6. Kitchen set - $75
7. Other furniture - ~100

The site we used to Search Craigslist for furniture and electronics
The site we used to buy a mattress
The site we used to rent truck

Step 1: Create List of Things You Need

Do the homework - create the "shopping list" and set priorities.
Start with the bedroom, then kitchen and then the living room

Step 2: Check Local Classified Postings

Sites with classified postings will have most of the furniture and electronics you need - for 10-20% of what would be the market price.

It is important to start looking for furniture and electronics early, so that you have the time to plan the budget and can arrange a pickup before you actually move in.

Some classified sites allow you to Search All Craigslist by ZIP or area and even set up email alerts- so that you receive an email when the item you are looking for is available for the right price.

Step 3: Bedroom

No matter how much money you are going to spend, buy a new mattress !
It's not only more hygienic - used mattresses may contain bedbugs !

Check nearby local stores - they will have same mattresses for much less price than big-shot brand name shops.

$250-300 is a decent price for a queen-sized mattress.

Step 4: Rent a Truck or Van

If you don't own one.

Compare rates of rental companies in your area. Be aware that rental companies charge you for:

1. Per-day or per-hour use
2. Miles travelled
3. Insurance

Check with your car insurance company to see if you need to buy an insurance from the rental company (depends on the truck's size)

Make sure to compare all 3 rates before you sign up for the service. It may be 2 times cheaper with one company than with another.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    Saw an awesome episode of Verminators where a lady had a gnarly bed bug infestation from buying a used mattress set and a couch. Just an FYI...


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

     That's what I was wondering about.  They mention buy the mattress new because of BedBugs but can't you get them from Sofas/Love Seats/Rugs.  Basically anything with a fabric right?  I'm actually not sure so if anyone knows more about bedbugs could they chime in?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Really REALLY late but yeah, you can get them from most furniture, they can even sneak in with books. I had a really bad bedbug problem a few years ago and had to throw out a lot of stuff.

    God forbid you get some, aside from chemical sprays and stuff, a good solution my family discovered was to purchase those large plastic containers, pack all your stuff into them, and if you can help it, try not to touch them for about a yeah or year and a half. For whatever reason bedbugs can climb into plastic, but they can't really climb out so they end up dying in the containers.

    i just furnished my studio apartment in Manhattan for almost nothing. I got all the furniture for free off FreeCycle. My only expense was renting an SUV, so if you or a friend have one, it'll be even cheaper for you. I got an Ikea coffee table, an Ikea love-seat, bookshelves and a dresser.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Well done. I wish you could share more details on the classified sites.