Introduction: Furry and Dainty Postcards

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Send someone you know and love a furry and dainty hello, thank you, and so much more with these postcards inspired by a similar project by Mark Montano which was featured in The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2 from the chapter "Letter Perfect".

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you will need to make them:

  • thin cardboard (I'm using the cardboard from two different empty cereal boxes)
  • faux fur
  • hot glue gun
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • small embellishments, like bows and butterflies (which you will get to see later on)

Step 2: 4 X 6 Inch Rectangles

First, use your ruler and pencil to make 4 x 6 inch rectangles on a piece of thin cardboard. Then, cut out the rectangles. I made 5 of them, but in the end, you will only get to see 4 of them. Maybe it's because I did an extra rectangle, in which I didn't really need, but, anyway...

Step 3: Faux Fur Rectangles

Now, cut your faux fur to the same size rectangles.

Step 4: Assembly

Now, use your hot glue gun to glue the cardboard rectangles to that of the faux fur.

Step 5: Decorations!

Now, you can decorate them with whatever that's lying around in your craft bin! Here, I've used little burlap bows and butterflies to give them a fun, trendy look, which also works well with the springtime season! However, you can also use other embellishments, too, like rhinestones, ribbon, and even glitter or sequins if you want to "bedazzle" your cards!

Step 6: Ready to Send!

Now, they're ready to send! I find it easier to drop these postcards in the drop-off box at the post office. According to my mother, however, it would be even more simple for you to pop them in one of these brown bubble envelopes that has bubble wrap inside if it does. Either way, your loved one will adore these cute fuzzy additions to include with their greeting card collection!

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