FuseLight: Turn Old/Fused Tubelight Into Studio/Party Light




Introduction: FuseLight: Turn Old/Fused Tubelight Into Studio/Party Light

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Here I turned a Fused Tubelight into a Studio/Part light using some basic tools, rgb lights and 3d printing.

Due to RGB led strips used we can have multiple colour and shades.


RGB Led strips

Adapter (12v)

3D printed platform

Silicon hot glue stick

Step 1: Preparation


1- Take your fused tuelight and open apart the front diffuser.

2- Take out the light rod and clean any residue left.

3- Measure the inner length of the Tubelight holder.

4- Cut out led strip of the length measured.(make sure to cut at cut line only marked in the led strip)

5- Now place the tubelight diffuser back on and mark and cut the opening for led strip wires to come out.

6- Solder 4 wires on the led strip (white for +ve, blue for blue, red for red, green for green)[use any colour combination].

7- Now take adapter and attach a wire to possitive and 3 to negative.

Step 2: CAD & 3D Printing


Measure the Dimension of one side of the tubelight.

Make a Rectangular box for it with a 3mm thickness(minimum).

Now make Legs for making a stable standing structure( use max length + 2cm )

3D Printing (use normal setting)

0.2mm layer height

80mm/s speed

Step 3: Assembly


1- Remove the protective tape from the back of led strip and stick it inside the tubelight holder.

2- Take the tubelight diffuser and place it back on the tubelight holder.

3- Add hot glue in the 3d printed holder and place the tubelight in it.

4- Now just attach the +ve wire to the +ve(white) of the led strip and use other 3 wires in different combination to get different colours.

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