Fused CFL As Replacement for Electronic Choke (Ballast) for TubeLight

Introduction: Fused CFL As Replacement for Electronic Choke (Ballast) for TubeLight

How to use unused CFL (or damaged) in place of ballast in tubelight

Step 1: About the Project


Today i m going to tell about a very interesting project. This project helps in saving environment because it is a type of recycling damage CFL.

You also Save Money

Step 2: Ingredients

You require the following things

  1. Damaged CFL (Tube Fused but Circuit OK)
  2. Normal Tubelight Set
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Wires

Step 3: Dismantle CFL

First safely open CFL and remove circuit board from it (Use Ecofriendly Way to dispose)

Now cut the attached wires

  1. From Supply (2 Wires)
  2. From tubes (4 Wires 2+2)

Step 4: Attach in Place of Ballast of Tubelight Set

Now attach this circuit according to figure

1. Attach 2 wires from Supply (220V)

2. Attach 4 Wires to Tube Light End (Use Tube light Hoder) 2+2 Each side

*No need of Starter or anything

Step 5: Final Setup

Now put the circuit in an insulated manner to the tube light set and fit it on the wall like normal tube light set;

Enjoy !!!

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    5 years ago

    This would work with 22w circular fluorescent

    i already make that project. But use 18W/20w florusent bulbonly becase the circuit power cappacity is 14W/ 20W. Brightness is good


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What about using 110V instead of 220V? I have about 12 110V tube lights that are either out or don't work in cold weather. Would love to replace the ballasts with CFL circuit boards.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    An electronic choke for tubes are usually of much better quality than ccfl ballasts, my $10 (36W/1.2m) tube+choke+casing lasts for 5 years already(one electrolytic cap changed on 3rd year), and $5 ccfls(20W/E14) after a couple of years have dried insulation on toroidal transformer which comes off as a powder and dead capacitors.

    The wattage rating of the CFL should be equal to or higher than that of the tube otherwise it will probably overheat & die quickly.