Introduction: Fusion360 CAM 2D (2.5 Axis) Milling

This Instructable will walk you through the process of designing a model in Fusion 360 and making a 2D milling CAM setup to prepare it for a CNC machine. In the CAM workspace, we'll establish the stock (the material to be machined) dimensions, choose different tools (from end mill to drill bit), enter the proper settings for Machining, create a tool path and generate NC Code for machining in the CNC Machine.

The model specifications used in this Instructable can be accessed from this -

Pdf : Drawing

Step 1: Process Overview

  1. CAD: First you need a 3D CAD model of the thing you want to machine. You can design one yourself or download existing models to use.
  2. CAM: Then you show the CNC how to machine this model from your stock material. This process is called CAM.
  3. G-code: Next you generate instructions that your CNC can understand.
  4. Machine controller: Then load these instructions into your machine control software.
  5. CNC: Click run and your CNC takes those instructions and starts machining.

Step 2: Model Setup

Even if you don't have some experience in 3D modeling, Fusion 360 is pretty easy to use. By hovering over nearly any button, a pop-up will appear giving a description of what it does. Typical Press/Pull, extrusion, fillet and chamfer commands are easy to find in addition to some more advanced functions.

Step 3: Stock Preparation

In this step, we are going to prepare a Stock for our Manufacturing Setup.

Step 4: Facing Operation

Now we are going to perform Facing operation on the stock and know about selecting and editing tools in Fusion 360.

Step 5: Pocket/Adaptive Clearing Operation

Now we are going to perform Pocket / Adaptive Clearing operation on the stock and know about selecting pockets to be cleared in Fusion 360.

Step 6: Contour & Drilling Operation, NC Code & Setup Sheet

Now, we are going to perform Contour & Drilling Operation operation on the stock and know about selecting contours to be machined in Fusion 360. We will also learn how to generate NC Code for CNC Machine and how to create a Setup Sheet for our operation.

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