Introduction: Future Techy Park

Problem Statement

We siblings love to go with our parents to zoos, theme parks, or circus arenas. However, our parents should not be worrying about our safety when we visit children’s parks and similar places. Our parents cannot always take us to such parks as they are working parents. Whenever, my sister and I go to our neighborhood park to play, our parents keep calling or texting us. If only there is a park where robots can take care of us, our parents and we would be less worried about each of us!

The ‘Future Techy Park’ has robots that are programmed to give first-aid services and resting capsules, operate smart gates, and lots more!


I have used Tinker CAD to build a 3D model of the ‘Future Techy Park’.

The cool features of my Future Techy Park are:

  1. Robots will guide people and make them aware of cleanliness habits in this futuristic park. We don’t like to see plastic bottles or food packets scattered in fields or pools. Robots maintain the Park completely.
  2. Some robots will offer emergency first-aid to children in case of minor injuries.
  3. The auto fish feeder will deposit fish food into the pond on time.
  4. There will be resting capsules for kids.
  5. The roofs of the shelter-areas have solar panels. Park managers recharge the robots using this renewable energy.
  6. Thanks to smart gates, kids will be safe inside the park unless and until their parents come to pick them up

Here are the steps for creating my Future Techy Park’s 3D Model:

And all the nameplates and the solar panels top of the shelters are a challenge!😁😎


  • Free Tinker CAD account
  • Tinker CAD Knowledge
  • Create all objects in a separate file
  • After creating all the objects, group them, and copy-paste them in the main project file.
  • To see how to place the objects, please refer to Step 16.

Step 1: Edit Grid

Since we are building a very big park, we have to set the grid size to 1000. Here are the steps.

Step 2: Compound Wall

We need a 🧱🧱🧱compound🧱🧱 wall for the park, and here are the steps.

Step 3: Shelter

We need shelter to protect us during rains. Here are the steps to build a shelter.

Step 4: Capsules

We need rest capsules where children can rest. Here are the steps for building them!

Step 5: Pond

It is great fun to see ponds with fish in a park. Here are the steps for building a pond.

Step 6: Auto Fish Feeder

The fish in the ponds need to have food regularly. Who will feed them? To solve this problem, we have created an auto fish feeder. Here are the steps for creating one.

Step 7: Adding Fishes to the Pond

We have fish-ponds. But we are yet to add 🐟🐠🐡fish🐠🐟 in the ponds. Here are the steps. It is a big challenge to draw the eyes of the fish!

Step 8: Sandpit

In a children's park, a sand pit is a place of great fun for us kids. Here are the steps for creating one.

Step 9: Adding Slide

In a park we have playing tools so we have to build the slide and here are the steps

Step 10: Adding Swing

In a park we have playing tools so we have to build the swing and here are the steps

Step 11: Chair

we have park a park needs a 💺💺chair💺💺💺 for parents to sit and chat. and here are the steps!

Step 12: Merry Go Round

Park has play tools so we are building a merry go round. And here are the steps

Step 13: Adding Tree

Because we are building a park we have to have 🌳🌳trees🌳🌳🌳. And here are the steps

Step 14: Adding Robot

In my park since 🤖🤖robots🤖🤖🤖are taking care of kids and also the park let us build robots. And here are the steps

Step 15: First Aid Kit

We have robots to take care of the children in the park but we need🩹🩹first aid kit🩹🩹🩹 right so we are going to build it! and the nameplate is a challenge🙄😮!

and here are the steps!

Step 16: Arrange the Objects in the Park

After building all the objects as per the above steps we need to place them inside the park. Here are the steps

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