Futuristic Angel

Introduction: Futuristic Angel

This is an easy Halloween costume primarily made from cardboard. First you cut two angular wing shapes out of cardboard. Allow room for an armhole on each side. (the wings become a vest to wear) There is a second layer of cardboard slats that are attached with brads on the wings. They can be bent outward to give the wings a angular look. Keep the wings together by making a cardboard bridge between them. This is a support as well. The wings can be worn like a vest. Cover the edges with metal tape to hide the cardboard look. Spray paint the edges and crevices of the wings with black for dimension. Spray the rest of the wings with silver.
Next, cut the skirt out of a heavy duty chipboard into roman style slats. Affix to a belt by overlapping the slats and making them stay with brads. Spray entirely with silver.
The bra top is a kids rubber ball cut in half using scissors or an xacto with an intricate pattern. I ensured the rubber was thick enough for stability. Spray paint silver and lace together with ribbon, use more ribbon for straps.
Apply body paint and makeup if desired.

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