Introduction: Futuristic Sanding Board

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After recently picking up a Surform at a yard sale, I have found out that it removes material too quickly at times. Removing marks in the wood using metal files takes a long time, and the process would be easier with sandpaper. A convex sanding board isn't something I could find in my local hardware store. Therefore I made my own. I am a hopeless perfectionist, so instead of just making a regular sanding board I took a different approach and put much focus on making it look nice. In this tutorial I'm showing you how to make a futuristic sanding board using simple tools. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

These are the materials and tools needed for this project:

- Jigsaw

- Fine and rough jigsaw blade

- Ruler

- Pen

- Screwdriver

- Various grit sanding belts

- Metal files and wood rasps

- Surform (optional)

- Wood glue

- 40-50mm marble (optional)

- Blunt scissor

- 30mm wood screws

Step 2: The Tutorial

This tutorial video shows the process of making this project from start to finish. I was originally going to make a flat sanding board as well, but ended up just making a half-round one.

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