Introduction: Futuristic Scope Project for Pandemic Season

Since we cannot play airsoft for now I decide to make a new improvements on my scope. You know I have to wear glasses when I play and thats really sucks, its super difficult to play this way. But what if I can see my opponents right from my scope without aim them? Sounds crazy right?.

You will amazed that this project is so easy to make. Is not rocket cience its just very basic fvp technology with 0 latency.

Follow me on this tutorial and make yours, post on redit and use the hashtag #unrealscope so I can see all your mighty builds around this project.


-This project should be use for airsoft games!!!
-This project was made for fun proposes
-Consider that the jjrc fpv screen overheat a lot if you are playing over temperature 28°C / 82°F.

If you pretend build your own be prepare for make improvements


what you need

-A functional system for your scope for the camera, camera holder and add a screen if you need. (That Screen is not necessary for the project but is usefull)

You can use your helmet but always can purchase another one like this

This is the fpv mini display this is a cheap ones but you can purchase whatever you want since almost any fvp are compatible

An audio jack compatible with the battery pool

And the last part is this transmisor TS5828. This is important to send the video signal to your glasses

Additional you can buy the eachine rotg01 receiver this reciever is perfect for your Android also it helps a lot when you make signal test...

Step 1: The Fpv Basic System

first you need to understand this simple diagram.

You have the camera and transmisor TS5828 wired together also both are connecter to battery on the other side you have a receiver

Cameras always have the video signal and some others camera have microphone so you will see a yellow and black wires for video signal, maybe white and black wires for mic and of course the red and black wires for the batteries.

If you bought the eachine rotg01 or already have the JJRC FPV mini screen you don't need to worry about wire a receiver into the screen... they do the job for you

Step 2: Working With the Camera System

As you can see the camera and the screen are wired directly to the battery pool.

Camera have this USB old fashioned connector and look at the screen. The screen is wired with a headphone jack. This jack should have 3 ports (like headphone with microphones jacks has)

All you need to do is replace the screen with the transmission. It has the same inputs as the screen.

Look that the transmisor have black red wires for batteries, the yellow for the video input the white for audio signal (will not use on this project) and another black wire that correspond to audio and video signal earth.

Step 3: Build a Wire for Transmisor

Split the wires, you need identify the black and red together and the yellow for video signal.

Connect exactly as you see on the image. Then turn on the battery pool and test. You can test directly from your jjrc fpv or if you buy the reciever for android.

Step 4: Test Your System (optional)

I use the app poke FPV is awesome and ads free, also you can make recordings. I recommend this app for this project

Step 5: Protect Your Build

I recommend use a metalic bubblegum box. This system can overheat a lot but if you wrap into this metalbox sould be fine. remember that the black circuit need touch the box to transfer the heat outside but do not remove the plastic envelope also do not leave any extra wire without wrappings if a naked wire touch the box there is a small possibility of shock hazardous.

Finally use a velcro to stick into your gun

Step 6: What?

You really need more steps??? You think you finish this project??? There is a lot of improvements to do... make your own project and share on reddit. Tagme if you want ill be happy to see your master pieces.

If we use the hashtag #unrealscope we can search all of your builds