Introduction: Fuzzy Monster

Just in Time for Halloween this fun little creature is easy to make although a little time consuming. They can be made with different colors and in all different sizes too :)

Step 1: Supplies

Tin Foil (optional)
Scrap Clay
Color (or colors) of clay of your choice
Clay roller
Ball tool
Knife or Razor

Step 2: Making the Base

Take your tin foil and form it into the shape of a worm or slug, this will be the base of the monster. Using tin foil is optional and you can make your base entirely out of clay but this is a safe way to use less clay to save some money.

Step 3: Making the Base

Next we're going to take some scrap clay, you'll need a lot of this if you're making your monster as big as I am. Smash all your assorted clay together until it is soft enough to be molded around the tin foil. I mixed all my colors together very thoroughly just to make it easier later on. Then take your scrap clay and roll it by hand or put it through the glorified pasta machine on the thickest setting. 

Step 4: Making the Base (again...)

Cover all of the tinfoil with your scrap clay (yes! even the bottom!) and try to make it as smooth as you can. 

Step 5: Eye Sockets

To add the eyes first mark out where they're going to be with small markings. Once you're sure you know where you want them to go take your ball tool and hollow out two large eye sockets.

Step 6: Making the Fur

Now were going to start making the fur. Start by softening your clay color of choice and rolling them into thin logs, then using a knife or razor cut the logs into small pieces. They don't all have to be the same size but try to make them as even as possible. Now this is the time consuming part, take each of the cut up pieces of clay and roll both sides of them to make a "hair" like seen above. Once you have rolled them all out you can start attaching them to your base.

Step 7: Making Your Monster Fuzzy

Stick your individual hairs to the bottom of the base so that they curl out like fur. Make sure that they are close together so no gray is showing. Also make sure to flatten the tops so your next layer of hair can go on easily.

Step 8: Fuzzifying the Face

Once you've attached your hairs all along the bottom you've come to the face. To attach them where the eye sockets are you'll have to make some extra long hairs. Then take your extra long hairs and stick the tops of them inside the eye sockets. Then take your ball tool and hollow out the eye sockets again to flatten the hairs inside them. Fill the rest of the face out just like the rest of the base

Step 9: Adding Eyes

Now its time to make your eyes. Simply roll 2 balls of white clay that fit inside the sockets. Roll 2 small balls of black clay and flatten them to make the pupils. 

Step 10: Making Your Second Layer of Fur

For the second layer of hair I used a different shade of pink, and using the same technique as earlier made lots more little hairs.

Step 11: Attaching Second Layer

Attach your second layer of fur just as you did the first one, making sure the cover up all the gray areas and the flattened parts of the first layer. When you reach the face on the second layer, use very short hairs over the eyes making sure not to cover them up.

Step 12: 3rd and 4th Layers

Continue on the 3rd and 4th layers doing the same thing as the first two. However when you reach the 4th layer do not flatten the hairs, instead place them to look like parted hair.

Step 13: Bake, and Done!

Bake according to your clay's instructions and voila! you have you're own little furry friend!

I hope your enjoyed this instructable and I would gladly respond to any questions or feedback. Criticism and tips are highly appreciated!!!

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