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Introduction: FuzzyH Workshop for the "share Your Space" Contest

I saw the share your space contest and thought, why not.  Its a good way to try out writting an instructable, and enter a contest. 

So Here is my go at it

Step 1: Workbench

My workshop consists of a corner of the basement.  I am limited in space (all that I am allowed from the family CEO).  This is my workbench that has a

Step 2: To the Right...

Here is the main toolbox, drillpress, and where I hang up bags/cords, and some work clothes.  This "hides" some of the heavier tools in the back (old tablesaw, old miterbox, etc)

Step 3: Storage Area

Moving again to the right is where most "large" materials are stored.  Note that all the shelves dressers are on wheels to move around.

Step 4: Last Section

A bit more to the right, past the furnace and hotwater tank, is my portable worktable and miter saw stand (for my 16 year old power miter  :) )

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I see a birdhouse on your workbench what sorts of projects do you usually do in your shop? I like the Project Notebook! Keeping one of those is a very good idea.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. The projects range from computer repair/builds, to alot of different work working ones (shelves, custom moulding, boxes, playhouse, etc). The birdhouses are rain catchers my kids build at a Home Depot Kids Workshop. They are in the queue for a coat of paint or stain before we hang them up outside.