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The building of my apartment is 40 of its age. There are a lot of earthquakes constantly occurred in east Asia region, that causes minor damages to my building such as minor cracks to the inner walls, tiles / paint flaking off from the façade, moulds developed due to rain and water leaking into the building. reinforcing bar corroded… etc.

This Japanese style room was a guest room, it had gone through 1 major overhaul and renovation 15 years ago, yet due to water leaking and wall mould issue. It had been vacant for a while until the second baby was born, then I decided to overhaul the room and turned it into a game room.

Step 1: Fixing Water Leak

This platform used to be a balcony but not until my parent decided to expand inner space by sacrificing this balcony area to yield more living space. This causes water leaking because that expansion job wasn’t properly done, also the apartment above my floor still keeps balcony layout, that means, if their balcony is flooded, then I am in deep trouble.

I opened the ceiling which is composed of painted metal board and revealed the internal structure. Awning which attached to the internal cement ceiling, that gap was sealed with silicon had been degraded and no long functional. So I reapplied a layer of silicone and an extra layer of mighty putty to completely seal the gap. Painted metal board was then reinstalled after making sure there is no leak after a few rains.

Step 2: Fixing the Mould Wall

The wall is made of hollow brick which is not so common these days in Taiwan, Solid bricks are used instead.

I marked the wall with a pencil to those area sounds hollow and started to flake off the concrete layer and revealed the brick layer,. Mortar that was used was brittle and easy to flake off leaving holes so moisture can pass through from the outer wall of the building and affect the concrete layer. No wonder how many times I tried to repaint the wall, micro cracks occurred constantly.

I used water proof mortar to fill up these holes, waited until it it dried up and before cement was applied, I marked again the wall with a pencil to where I would apply wall anchors to. After cement job is done, waited for a day or 2 and applied putty to fill up small holes. Putty may create uneven surface after it is dry, So I used a hand sander to polish the surface.

Step 3: Anchor Wall Bar

I had built a wall bar which can be found on my another instructable channel.

Anchors that I purchased were for hollow brick, I measure the wall (25mm) and purchased 627 hollow brick anchor with screw size of 6mm.

Drilled the wall with 12.7mm bit and applied these anchors manually. Once it is done, I painted the wall and clouds. For wall bar installation, please visit:

Step 4: Decoration

I replaced the lamp and decorated the floor with puzzle mat. I added a ball pool in front of the slide, and placed a few mats to the back of the tent to prevent bumping to the wall.

I also replaced the curtain to starry pattern.

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    3 years ago

    I am inspired, shall try to make something like yours for my kids as well.
    Thanks for sharing.


    Question 4 years ago on Step 4

    Do you live on the top floor? You wrote that you get mold from cracks and water seepage, how did you get rid of the mold? I would be a little concerned for your little ones respatory systems.
    I love the slide that you made for the babies! Very creative :)


    Answer 4 years ago

    I live on the top floor. Country where i live is an island, unlike continent, humidity here is quite high, mold is common here and children are getting used to it. We often have humidifier for each household..