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Part 2 - The Exhaust


The exhaust of the heater started with conventional HVAC 3" elbow and a 48"x3" long tube attached to a 8 foot long aluminum tube to the other side of the garage. The amount of heat lost to the exhaust was not to my liking. I had to become creative. So here it is. I believe this solves the problem of the heat loss.

Step 1: The Initial Exhaust

As stated in the introduction the exhaust contained all the heat but the setup as shown in pictures 1-3 allowed too much heat loss through the exhaust

Step 2: Adding an Extra Pipe to the Exhaust


In order to add an extra pipe to the exhaust I moved the heater to the side where the side door was Picture 1.Pictures 2 and 3 show how the pipes are connected. Picture 4 shows the exhaust temperature at the exit point. The thermometer reads 86 degrees Celsius. Still too much heat going out the exhaust. Need to keep the exhaust heat in the garage longer.

Step 3: Added Two More Pipes to the Exhaust


Picture 1 shows 2 pieces of 3.5 foot long pipe cut from the other two 10.5 foot long pipes.My garage is 9 feet wide so I made the pipes 7 feet long. This left two pieces 3.5 feet long so I joined them together to give me another 7 foot long pipe. I had liberated these pipes from my second oldest brother, as well as these pipes I also liberated 2 square aluminum downspout pipes 10 foot long. This time I added both the joined pieces of pipe as well as one of the square downspout pipes to the exhaust. This gave me a total length of 28 feet on the exhaust pipe creating a warm zone around the paint booth. Picture 2 shows a drawing of the final exhaust. The temperature of the exhaust read 45 degrees Celsius at the exit point. For now I am satisfied with the result of the performance of the heater and exhaust temperature. On the day that I finished the exhaust the outside temperature was -9 degrees Celsius. COLLLLDDD. I needed to test my ability to spray paint. That is what picture 3 is. Four aluminum tubes painted flat black to be used with another two as part of a solar heater.



The heater performs well considering it was a rush job. There is no exhaust going into the garage. I can burn the waste pieces from my milling job of construction wood. That is another instructable. I can spray paint as was the plan using this heater along with my active flower pot heater. In the warmer days of summer I plan to replace this heater with another one.

The sky is falling here in Toronto, that is we are expecting 15 to 20cm of snow, outside temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. I don't care as I am dealing with the DAMN gift my oldest brother left me on Saturday. The DAMN COLD BUG.

This link has pictures and video on my google drive