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Like many good ideas, you start with some other idea and build on it.  That's the case here.  I saw a beaded garden stake once where the how to directions required metal saw blades and an X-acto knife.  The project called for antique door knobs and large hole glass beads, both of which I could not find anywhere.

This is my version. 

First, it is now a child friendly craft.  I got rid of the saws and sharp blades entirely.  Found beads that work.  I will tell you where to get them and will have some cost saving suggestions.  And instead of the antique door knobs, we are going to use cabinet pulls from your local home improvement center.

The credit for the name, Garden Fairy Wands, goes to my daughter.  She made the all blue one for a Water Fairy in the hopes that the water fairy will take over her summer watering duties.


     8/32 threaded rod 
     8/32 nuts
     Cabinet pulls.
     Bracelet Beads


     I found the ones that I used on Ebay.  I did a search for glass bracelet beads.  Purchased 100 glass beads for 15.00 with free shipping.   Acrylic bracelet beads are 100 for 7.00 or so.  Also free shipping.   I was happily surprised by how beautiful the acrylic beads are.  So, if you are looking to cut the cost down, acrylic is the way to go.

     There are many other different types of bracelet beads.  Some are cut like gems, some are ceramic, or oven bake clay.  Some are wire mesh or wood.  An easy way to make sure you are getting bracelet beads is by the silver liner in the bead.  Also look closely at the picture of the beads you are considering purchasing  to make sure they are strung on a silver rope type bracelet.  Another possibility is often in the description it may say, for use with European bracelets.

     One more thing.  You can find bracelet beads at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin stores.  They are about 5.00 to 7.00 for about seven to ten beads in a package.  They are also at Wal-Mart for slightly less money.  This option is more expensive, but you don't have to wait ten days for shipping.  You also have more control over the color and style of the beads you want.


Thankfully threaded rod is sold in a variety of lengths so all you have to do is pick the size or sizes you want.  It is inexpensive, too.  Twist on a nut on one side of the rod so that you can string the beads on and they won't fall off.  Make sure to have enough exposed rod to stick into the ground and it will be able to hold up the weight of the beads.  The cabinet pull gets twisted on the top when you are finished.  Make sure to tighten up the nut when you are done so the beads are all nice and snug.


Garden Fairy Wands are going to be a project this summer with a local craft club for children.  Acrylic beads will be used to cut the cost down and we will use the 12 inch size for the threaded rod.  Also to keep the cost down, we are only using cabinet pulls that are under $1.00.  At you local home improvement center you can purchase pulls in 25 quantity bags.

I'm hoping to get some photographs to post.