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HOW TO MAKE A LIGHT THAT LIGHTS UP AT NIGHT IN RAINBOW COLORS. This  novel light has a light source from a LED  [light emiting diode] commercial sunlight  charging battery source.
These  lights-on-a-stick are available from any garden supply store for as low as $1.25  and  have a self contained ni-cad  [ nickel-cadmium] battery that charges up during the day and automatically turns the  light   on at dusk.This DIY adds a novel twist- a CD that dissipates this light in colors of the rainbow.


Outdoor night-lite. supplied  with a battery, charging array, and a mounting  rod. The rod will not be used here as this array will be suspended from a string. Prices; $1.25 to $3.99  . I used the lowest cost unit.
Nylon string(fishing line is used here).Stretch cord 1mm size is best.
Paper clips (3ea).any size will do.
CDs any source but most vivid are lowest cost [about 20cents ea.] Movie or music discs  ok.
Wire, any available or craft store wire spools.about 2 feet.
Thin plastic can be any old credit card or a used up gift-card. 1/2x2 in.size.
Urethane foam sheet  1/4 x 1/2x1 in. approximately.  Used in case  no hole drill is available. to mount the  string to the plastic light enclosure.
Glue- Goop and E6000 [r]  is  strongest and resistant to weather.Use adequate ventilation.
Heat source to warm the CD plastic to easily cut.Hair drier  or space heater.

adhesive tape dispenser
Pick to punch holes in plastic
Dremel drill. with 1/16 to 1/8 drill bit. to drill the holes in plastic light  assembly.


 Cut the CD disc approximately in half. Position at right angles
Bend  plastic-
Mount plastic to CD halves. let dry 2 hours. Punch two holes in bend of plastic for mounting string.
Clear plastic Light assembly. Drill 2 holes in bottom 3/4 in plastic tube approximately on opposite sides for the string.  If no drill available use the foam  and push string in with foam in place then glue foam into the tube . Let dry 2 hours.Leave enough string . about 12 inches  out of tube end.
Mounting--The ends are inserted into the pre drilled or punched holes in the right angle plastic.The CD halves will be loosely mounted to sway in the breeze.
Mounting the Light-
Placement of paper clips-
Mount clips with some adhesive tape then glue. Space about 120 degrees appart.
Wire up the clips- Use about  12 inches of wire or cord and string up.The top point is then attached to a long string of Nylon or stretch cord about 12 inches. This is enough to connect  to a tree limb or any L-shaped wire suspension about 5 feet high.
Final assembly-Re-attach the CD assembly to the top half of the light.The final assembly is then mounted outside in sunlight .



Use a string of at least 12 inches long and mount outside in direct  or partial sunlight .The battery will charge in 8 hours and light up at night  for 10 hours.
  For best rainbow color effect mount about 3 feet above ground level. At daylight the CD will reflect light -rainbow colors also.

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