Introduction: GARLIC SPROUTS

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Had discovered a couple garlic bulbs in my refrigerator that already started to sprout. So instead of tossing them into the garbage bin decided to grow my own fresh garlic sprouts. You would need only a muffin foil form or any small jar to fit the garlic bulb into it.
Personally prefer to use a foil because garlic is not perfectly round and it is easier to adjust foil to fit and hold the garlic bulb.

Also inserted a quote about garlic's sprouts from an article I found on the internet:
"Sprouted garlic enhances raw garlic's proven anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, cardiovascular health protection, and its ability to kill 14 types of cancer cells. A sulfur-rich compound in garlic called allicin is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites without toxic side effects."

Link to the original article:

Step 1: Putting It All Together

First fold the foil dish creating somewhat a square. Then fold edges on the sides creating somewhat rounded form. Place the garlic bulb into it, not too deep about 1/2 inch, and further adjust the foil around the bulb. Finally add water into formed foil dish about a bit more than 1/2 inch from the top and place the garlic bulb into it. Make sure water touches the bottom of the bulb. Check in a couple days water level. The buttom of the garlic bulb should touch water to let roots grow and sprouts sprout. Take a look at the picture in step 2.

Step 2: After 7 Days

The sprouts grew 4-7 inches in a week. I cut them and used in my soup. Garlics will make more sprouts for another week or so and then will throw them away.
:) by the way, for you guys out there, when a women sees it she will be intimidated by your hydroponic skills!

Thank you! Enjoy! Have fun!

Step 3: Update in a Week After Cut Sprouts

A week ago cut garlic sprouts leaving about 2 inches. In a week more grew for about 6-7 inches total.
By now garlic's cloves lost weight and almost entirely dry - time to let them go.....
:) Thank you!


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